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At Structural Processing we know a thing or two about anodizing... we have been anodizing architectural aluminum shapes and extrusions for over 50 years. And we know a thing or two about painting... we've been a KYNAR 500 applicator for over 25 years. And we know something about powder coating too... we've been powder coating architectural metals for over 20 years. Through all these years Structural has built a solid reputation in the construction and architectural metals industries, making ourselves known for providing quality exterior finishes and professional service to these demanding trades .

Structural's specialty is in finishing large or long parts including, but not limited to skylights, railings, louvers, flagpoles, curtain wall panels, extrusions of all kinds, grills, sheet metal and brake metal items.

Located in the heart of metropolitan New York City, Structural Processing is centrally located for convenient access to the New York City metropolitan area and to the Northeast in general.

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